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Jul 24

My sis is most likely going to Ukraine for a few months. I am so happy for her but I will miss her terribly. She’s one of my best buddies.

ALSO, I am going to Germany in December and coming back around the same time as her. It’s very likely that I will meet with her in Ukraine and stay a day or two before heading home. We would fly through London on the way back and possibly stay a night. :)

AND AND AND my uncles have asked me if I’d like to join them for my sister’s senior trip next summer. So I will probably be going to London with them!!! We may even spend a day in France.


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So cute…

Vine by: Barkleythepom

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Jul 23

doggies doing some dog ritual


doggies doing some dog ritual

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  • Comic Con: knock knock
  • Me: who's there
  • Comic Con: not you lol

“In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water.”

why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop laughing

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it’s that time of year again

the time of year when everyone’s at comic con and i’m at home crying

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Jul 22

2014 version of ‘smell’

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  • Political views: Star Trek
  • Sexual orientation: Star Trek
  • Religion: Star Trek
  • Relationship status: Star Trek
  • Employment: Star Trek
  • Residence: Star Trek
  • Education: Star Trek

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Jul 21

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